How much for new shocks struts?

95 corolla with275k miles. Original shocks and struts. How much do you think it woyld cost for new ones? Is it strange i still have original ones? The roads here are pretty smooth for the most part.

You can have them shipped to your house for between $140 and $375, it depends on the quality you desire. If you are going to have a local shop replace the struts plan on $1,000 for parts and labor with alignment.

More than the vehicle is worth unless you do it yourself.

And how much gas is in the tank.


I would strongly suspect the original struts and shocks are bad and have been for a long time.
You likely have become acclimated to a softer ride and once those struts and shocks are replaced you will then likely be wondering why the ride seems harsher.

Costs will vary a lot depending upon the parts source, the locale, shop labor rate, etc.
Nevada_545 is probably as close as one can get on an estimate.

I still have the original shocks on my…1979… !

The following link will give you a handle on parts costs.

A few tips:

  • replace all the associated rubbery bits too. It’ll do wonders to reduce road noise and improve ride and handling.
  • If you decide to have the work done, do NOT use these prices to evaluate the shop’s costs. A fair parts markup is a small price to pay to have the shop stand behind the job, and it’s a necessary administrative expense.

Coomment: IMHO the market value of a car is irrelevant to whether the cost of a repair is worth it. A car’s true worth to its owner is what it would cost t o replace it with a vehicle of known history and reliability, with a heavy added amount if the owner likes the car. If you know and like the car and have history with it, and it’s otherwise in good shape, it’s generally worth far more to you than its market value would suggest.