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Installing rear shocks

I have a 2000 chevy astro van that I use as my truck. I need to install some heavy shocks I bought for the rear of the van. I have never installed shocks before and I need to know how to install them.


Autozone has an online repair guide for the Astro. Here are the instructions for rear shock replacement.;jsessionid=31C019DB82E610C4EF65E0BA9111951F.diyprod4-b2c7?chapterTitle=Rear+Suspension&partName=Suspension&pageId=0900c15280227c6e&subChapterTitle=Shock+Absorbers&partId=0900c15280227cf4

Registration on the site may be needed to access the repair guide.

I have always found that the work and pain involved in this DIY project is not worth the $15 or $20 labor charge per shock. This is one of the few jobs I would recommend a place like Sears – get their lifetime guaranteed shocks, check out their sales (usually there may be either free labor, a percent discount on total bill, or some other advertised deal going on). A good mechanic with the proper lifts and tools can do it in half the time, and there is no compromise on safety that may occur during a DIY job.

shocks are easy. after setting up all the proper safety related equipment, pull the bolts and swap them out

You may need a floor jack to support the axle as the shocks may be the only thing holding it up now…