Labor cost of Honda Accord 1996 LX Timing Belt

Dear Friends,

How much does it cost to have the timing belt done to my 1996 honda accord lx. And also is it necessary to change water pump and tensioner. Please give me your suggestion regarding this. who is doing reasonable price, whether its independent mechanic or dealer itself? I would greatly appreciate your answers. Thank you.


When I had the belt replaced on my '97 Accord (same engine) it cost me approximately $650. This was for the timing belt, balancer belt, water pump, new coolant, new thermostat, and new radiator cap.

The mechanic who did this for me was an independent who specializes in Honda vehicles.

Is this the first time the belt has been replaced? Thirteen years is almost twice the recommended replacement interval. You’re driving on borrowed time.

Dear mcparadise,

Thank you for reply. Now I got some ideas before leaving the mechanic. We bought it from other person. We don’t know when he was changed the timing belt. But anyhow I am going to change the timing belt.