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Honda Accord 1996 timing belt

Should we replace the timing belt, for the second time, with 177,000 miles or look at new/used cars. Other than tired paint car is in good condition.

With an older car I ask myself how many car payments is the repair going to cost? A timing belt might be 2 or 3 new car payments. If it lasts for more than three months after the repair you will be ahead of the game. If the engine and trans are in good shape it’s probably worth fixing.

Ed B.

You should not make a decision about keeping a car on the basis of a timing belt. One does not sell a house because of needing to change a furnace. If you had a head gasket problem, or a tranny replacement indicated, that would be different. Keep the car.

This is not a difficult job. Shop around for a good price. I’d do it for $200 if you live near Mpls, MN. This engine will go many more miles.

Change the timing belt and the water pump. Then drive on. When the ashtray fills up, then you can trade it.

I have a 97 Accord with about 181k and right now it is overdue for it’s second timing belt. I’m planning on doing it as soon as we get some cooler weather. Goldwing, your offer is so good, I just might drive up to Mpls, MN.

Tree hugger, make sure that whoever you hire for the job has the special tool for the crank pulley, a torque wrench capable of 186 ft lbs and knows how to align the balance shaft. From previous posts, I know Goldwing does.