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Labor book time

What is the labor book time for Remove and replace a gas tank in a 2000 Nissan Quest? We have bad gas in the tank.

How do you know you have bad gas in the tank?

No idea on labor time but more than likely in the 3-4 hour range.
Since a diagnosis of bad gas always makes me cringe a bit, what are the details behind this diagnosis?

Any shop or mechanic who has the gall to tell you “bad gas” should have a 1 quart sample in a glass jar for your inspection. Bad gas should not be a wild guess and doesn’t this vehicle have a drain plug in the tank? If so, voila. The crud always comes out first.

If it’s just a liquid contaminate like water, a mechanic should be able to just suck it out with an electric siphon pump. On some vehicles they might need to remove some lines and/or lower the tank a little to get around some anti-siphoning devices, but either way a book rate for replacing the tank probably isn’t all that relevant.

Any shop will tell you both that and how much they charge per hour.


1.8 hours/which doesn’t include drain and refill tank.