Ktm X-bow

I am about to take delivery on one, because it seemed like a car that had to be experienced, as the show so nicely put it to the lady who wanted a Saab. I will be interested in questions and comments from the discussionship, or Bob and Ray themselves.

Where do you live? Do you plan to drive it on the street?

It should be quite an experience, Bob and Roger should really see what they have wrought. I hope you have a winter car, or at least a car to drive somewhere when you don’t mind leaving it on the street. Looks like a fun car and probably a very good investment.

The car will remain in the south of France, and is street legal in all of the EU and Switzerland

The question of theft seems to occur to a lot of people. Stealing it for parts is out. Driving it in public is pretty much out. The steering wheel is removable, so joy riding shouldn’t happen.

In the beginning I planned for this to be an only car, but a nice older A6 Audi has moved in and will probably be the rational answer much of the time.

That’s what I figured. Why this car and not an Ariel Atom? It’s a good thing you have a rational car for commuting. I’m sure that most friends, especially girl friends, would rather ride in the Audi than your race car. I’m not demeaning your new car, just allowing that a racer is not an everyday car, even if it has a license plate on it. The closest we get in the USA is the Lotus Elise and Exige. Oh, someone just started importing the Ariel Atom, too. Maybe the x-bow wil be next.

I drove an Ariel in Oregon two or three years ago. Not to speak ill of something that I have only driven very briefly, I felt that with KTM I was buying more engineering hours, and, of course, the necessity to live for a while in the land of wine, cheese, and the pluperfect subjunctive (could I remember exactly what that was).

Please do not assume that the Audi was a rational act. My rental was bleeding me, and the Audi fixed that.

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