Still Hatin' on the Yaris

Just to update you (and warn those of you thinking of buying this car), I cannot get over my hatin’… Have definitely decided to look for and buy a Hyundai Accent Hatch (after thoroughly test-driving, of course, and making sure the kayak fits in the rear); it’ll be a hassle switching them out, but hopefully I’ll have a litttle change in pocket at the end of the ordeal and a car I’m much happier with. I swear, the Yaris is like riding on a Hoppity Hop, and if I delay much longer, the interior cheap plastic will really look like crup.

Seems more of a lateral move than anything. Going from one cheap econobox to another.

Well, yeah… I won’t be looking at a Lexus SUV… Not my style… But the Yaris is just “not a fit” for sooooo many reasons. I think the Accent is more Swift-like.

A kayak fits in the back of a 3-door Accent?

What a coincidence. Just like when you bought the Yaris, you have chosen to ignore much of the sage advice that was offered. Don’t be surprised if you achieve similar results.

Maybe you should make up your mind on a model [b]after[/b] you test drive [b]several[/b] different vehicles. Your approach of prematurely singling out a particular model is probably the cause of most of your problems.

What did you expect from something called “Yaris” ?? If you are looking for automotive Nirvana, you are looking in the wrong place…

Who makes the “Nirvana”? hahahaha

I’ll have to test it to see, but it fits in the back of the three-door Yaris. That’s the car’s ONLY redeeming feature to date.

With 110 HP on tap and a softly sprung suspension, the Accent is anything but “Swift”.

OH PLEASE, not ANOTHER thread!!!


My daughter had an Accent. She traded it for a Yaris. I don’t feel much difference in the ride.

You better do some serious test driving before you buy another car you don’t really want.

Please give us daily updates as you negotiate this deal. I’m going to keep count of how many times you change your mind.

I totally will test-drive it to death, I promise (my bad on the Yaris); it just looks “closer to the ground” and more stable; I swear, I feel like I’m back to sitting at my grandparent’s dining room table on a stack of mushy telephone books driving that Yaris on the interstate at 70+; have to grip it with both hands to keep from bouncing off into the ditch… In addition to the many design flaws…

More importantly: Yaris doesnt’ come in Apple Green like the Accent; midlife crisis.

It could be worse, guys. Just thank your lucky stars that you are not the salesperson who has to deal with this particular customer.

Perish the thought!

No; we wouldn’t want to impose any such hardship on USED CAR SALESMEN…


You need to move past this, my friend. Get the Hyundae and move on. Carrying this with you is unhealthy. It’s only a machine.

Agreed… Now to find the Accent…

Arrange to get a recent generation model(new or used) and take for a half day test drive.

I cannot stand any of these lilliputian cars (rented them in Europe not impressed).

If you find the Accent, you will be headed down the same path. You need to test drive more than one kind of car.

You have progressed from not taking a test drive to testing only a single car. Now you might benefit from taking the next step and test-driving a few different cars to find the one you like best based on more than a picture and online specifications.


Considering that I want a two-door, liftback, econobox, there really isn’t THAT much to choose from, but okay, okay… What else can I try? The Ford Focus…