Knocking sound when tapping the trottle

Hello guyz , it’s been a while that im noticing weird sound coming from my Tiguan’s 2.0 TDI engine
So first of all my engine sound changed slightly when im in 1750 - 2000 rpm if im holding the throtlle for 5 - 10 % and it goes back to normal engine sound when throttling a litlle more , also im having a knocking sound when i press the throtlle just a litlle and dissepears instantly this happens in 1200 rpm - 2500 rpm and does not make knock sound in higher rpm , please guys help me to identify the issue and sorry for my bad english … , Thank you .

A failing fuel injector could cause a knock in a diesel. The way I’ve always checked them is to loosen the fuel supply line at the injector and note if the noise goes away. If it does the injector is failing.