Mini Cooper - engine noise in second gear

We recently had our clutch and master cylinder replaced in our 2003 Mini Cooper. Everything seems fine, but now the engine makes a knocking sound between 25 and 30 mph in second gear if you’re going uphill at all. The mechanic checked for anything loose in the clutch and of course it wouldn’t make the noise when he was in the car. Any ideas?

The discription of a knock while going uphill fits very well with a low octane fuel induced knock. Are you using the required grade fuel? is preminum required or only recommended? In any case one has to wonder why the knock sensor is not comming into play.

The thing is, the noise started after we had the new clutch put in. We’re using the same grade fuel as always. Hmmmmm.

AS a long time mechanic I have seen it happen many times a customer relates a concern with their car with a recent repair and it throws you off track in your search. What fuel does your car call for? is it a Turbo?. Engine ping happens in that load range you speak of.

What grade of fuel is that? Does the car primarily make the noise in low RPM / high throttle opening situations? If it only happens in 2nd and no other gear, then it’s probably transmission related. Since it’s front wheel drive car the transmission is basically occupying the same space as the engine so if the transmission is making noise it could very easily be misinterpreted as coming from the engine.

I believe that every Mini, regardless of induction, requires high test

It’s not a turbo. Could it be the transmission? I’ve never had this sound before the above repairs.

I am bailing right here if the OP doesn’t say what grade of fuel he is using.

Regular. As we’ve used since we bought the car.

Try a tank of premium. See what happens. Also check the oil level and consider changing the oil.