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Knocking when clutch pedal pressed and steering turned

I have a Focus 2.0 TDCI 56 plate and tonight it has started making a knocking noise from the front when the engine is running and when I press the clutch pedal or turn the steering either way even if the car isnt moving! Does anyone have any ideas what this could be?

Turning the steering wheel loads the engine a little, so might be related. And turning the steering wheel often increases the engine rpm a little, so again could be related. Pressing the clutch pedal pushes on the crankshaft, toward the front of the engine. If those things are all related could be some internal engine problem. It might just be a minor problem with a drive belt or tensioner too. Suggest to pop the hood and w/the aid of helper use a short length of garden hose as a stethoscope to narrow down where in the engine compartment the sound is coming from. Make sure all the fluid levels are correct of course.

If the power steering on this car is electric, then I do not believe it would put enough pressure on the engine for it to make a noise. I am thinking you might have a bad motor or transmission mount.

What year? Continuous knock or just a few knocks or just one knock. Motor mount? Struts? Need more info.

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Thanks guys! Its 2006 mk2 focus! I got the timing belt done last month and changed the water pump and tensioners and axillary belt. Had no problem until last night. It’s been snowing here, the abs kicked in a couple of times yesterday, dont know if this could be relevant