Knocking sound under car

Honda Civic / 2010
I noticed a quiet tapping sound coming from under my car. Not a constant sound but every so often. When I had to go up a bridge, the tapping became repetitive. I got out and noticed the runner covering underneath the car was loose. I just had the car looked at a few days ago. Could the loose piece be causing the knocking or is it something worse?

If that’s sort of under and behind the front bumper area. yeah, the under-engine plastic shield looks like it has been damaged, possibly by hitting a curb. Definitely should be considered a possible cause for the sound. Perhaps a shop at some point had to remove or reposition it to effect a repair, and forgot to reinstall the fasteners that hold it on. It must be repaired or replaced. That part is necessary for the engine to be protected from rocks & debris thrown up from the road and otherwise perform correctly. Fixing that problem is the first thing to do, and hopefully it solves the noise problem too. If not, post back.

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That was it! The guys that looked at it didn’t fasten everything back. Sound is gone now.


Glad you are back on the road with a smooth running and sounding car. Good for you!!