Mischief night victim 2015

Let me start off by saying te car is brand new , 14K miles & I’m the first owner . I was coming down a curvy road on mischief night(tonight-10-30-15) and some kids thought it would be funny to leave trash all over along with a huge rock . Not so funny when you’re coming 65mph down the road . The trash didn’t matter but the rock I did not slow down enough to prevent a hit . Now my car sits on 18in wheels which give me a little height, got lucky enough where the rock did not damage the front bumper but it did get under the car around 25-35 mph and it bounced around there for a good 3-4 seconds . Ever since I hear like clicking sounds as if something was loose Under the two cup holders area . This only happens when I turn the car on and off & the sound stays for a minute or two if it’s cold outside . Any clue what it might be ? What I would have to check ?

Take it to a mechanic with a lift and have the undercarriage inspected. Lots of important stuff for your car is under there, like fuel lines, emissions hoses, exhaust pipes, fuel tank, catalytic converter, mufflers, e-brake cables, suspension pieces and chassis frame. Any impact damage from the rock should be obvious. If there is sufficient damage, consider an insurance claim.

"If there is sufficient damage, consider an insurance claim. "

Because damage of this sort will not be covered by warranty, the OP should consider filing an insurance claim for the cost of repairing the damage.

The ticking sound could be an exhaust leak, possible a manifold gasket leak. That would mean the exhaust pipe took a good hit and may have moved enough up near the motor to damage the connection to the exhaust manifold.

Get the car up on a lift and look for evidence of where the rock hit and damage caused.

Just because your Honda Civic L has 18" wheels doesn’t mean it has high ground clearance. You either need to jack it up and get under it yourself, or take it to a shop to see what damage has been done. Any chance of finding the idiot kids who did it? Naaa, no way.

I could be wrong, but I think this would be covered under the comprehensive part of your insurance, which might have a lower deductible and which might not cause your rates to go up if you’re worried about that.

As for your comment about your wheels, I think you don’t understand that you have larger wheels but lower tires, making the overall diameter the same.

Little Punks,anyway get it on a lift,you should be able to see obvious damage.I crawled under the Wifes accord one day(on the ramps) doing some routine maintainence seen a bunch of bent up heat shields,etc asked what happened,she explained"ran over deer"did he come out in the road or something?No,it was laying in the road and I ran over it(case closed)however in the area where this event happened to you ,check with the police,the perps may have a history of doing things like this,these newer cars have little ground clearance and a solid object can do some damage on the underside.Maybe the little punks can be found and made to ante up in some fashion.
This brings to mind something that was related to me,a Guy was driving along minding his own business,He came upon a large cardboard box in the lane He started to hit it,but at the last minute changed His mind and avoided it,when He looked in the rearview mirror a kid crawled out of the box.I guess the moral of the story is,be very careful and take nothing for granted when driving.

" I think you don’t understand that you have larger wheels but lower tires, making the overall diameter the same"

Additionally, unless Honda has changed the way that they design their cars, Hondas seem to have less ground clearance than many other makes.

Get it looked at by a good local independent garage.

I’m not endorsing what happened, but we were all teenagers once, and I’m sure many here have similar prank stories from their youth.

Definitely file an insurance claim. Drivers hit stuff on the road regularly and any adjuster will quickly tell you what to do.

File a claim. This sort of thing has been happening for generations…even in the horse and wagon days.

What goes klippity clop, klippity clop, klippity clop, KLIPPITY CLOP, BANG-BANG, KLIPPITY CLOP, klippity clop, klippity clop, klippity clop, klippity clop?
A drive by shooting in the old west.

It had not occurred to me that an insurance claim might look upon that a an act of vandalism. I know deer hits are comprehensive claims, but one friend of mine claimed a deer hit. When the agent asked if the deer was running across his path or lying in the road, he answered that it was already dead on the road. The agent said that the claim would have to be paid by his collision coverage as his deer hit was not an act of God. It was an act of the guy who hit the deer not getting it off of the road. He said the earlier driver was nowhere to be found. At least he had coverage.

Yeah, my guess would be the exhaust pipe or muffler but have it checked for sure. I hit a raccoon once that was just tall enough to knock out the bottom bolt on the radiator and air dam. $700 but insurance paid. The agent wanted to know if it was a dead or live raccoon to determine whether it was comp or an act of God. I said it was live until I hit it and then dead.

The worst we ever did was water balloons but one Halloween we strung eggs painted black across a bridge. Then hid waiting for a car to come. Of course the first car to come by was a Police car. About three feet away slammed on it brakes but hit them anyway. Since the only way back home was either over the bridge again or a three mile hike around town and back, we took the three mile hike. The statute of limitations has run out but we never did anything that would be dangerous.

I lived in a high rise apartment before I was married. It had lots of young adults and Halloween was quite lively. One tenant thoughtlessly left his convertible with the top down in the parking lot not far from the building. This night was quite mild and no rain. In an apartment above the car, 11th floor, I believe some girls (there were 5 living in the 3 bedroom unit) threw a party and invited a number of guys. The visiting “gentlemen” at the party saw fit to empty the fridge of eggs and threw them in the convertible, along with other foods and trash.

Hide your car at Halloween.

The worst thing we did was to take a neighbor’s old Model-A and move it back and forth many, many times to get it exactly between two trees, pretty much the same distance apart that was the length of the car. We assume it took him quite a while to jigger it out of there, because we knew how long it took us to get it in there, but as far as we know no harm was done. Not to the car; nor to the trees.

Most Of Us Remember Having 2 Kids Pretending To Stretch An “Invisible” Rope Across A Road, Especially After Dark, And Watch Cars Come To A Stop.

In my very rural area we have a four-way stop (stop signs) intersection a few miles from my house. Local kids would regularly go there and hide in the trees and bushes at the intersection. When a motorist stopped at a stop sign they would notice a woman’s purse in the intersection.

When they got out to pick up the handbag, it started moving! The purse was being pulled by the young pranksters who had attached monofilament fishing line to it.

It was great fun for them and I would even get a laugh whenever I’d approach the intersection and see the purse on different occasions, knowing they were lurking out of sight with the bait set.


Speaking of water balloons , a friend lived on a bank above a 2 lane highway . He threw a water balloon at a passing tractor trailer . The balloon hit the windshield , broke the windshield & the driver went over the bank & hit the neighbors house . Luckily no one was hurt but my friend got in a pile of trouble over it .

Just a couple hundred feet up from the bridge with eggs was an old wooden planked bridge over railroad tracks. One afternoon about four of us got some water balloons together and hid under the bridge waiting for the sound of a car hitting the planks. Then we would pop out and throw the balloons. The road was such that 20 mph would be tops so we really didn’t need to worry about an accident. So we heard the rumble of the planks and jumped out and threw the balloons. Of course it was too late when we noticed it was an old Model A or something pick up with the split windshield. And of course the windshield was open. There was nothing we could do to stop and the poor old guy got it right in the face. I can still hear the screech of the brakes as the guy got out and chased us down the railroad tracks for what seemed like a couple blocks before he gave up. Needless to say we did the three mile hike again circling around town and back home laying pretty low for a while. We were really sorry it turned out that way but sometimes being sorry doesn’t cut it. It was hot out though so at least the guy got cooled off.

Many many years ago in NY…this drunken yahoo decided to take his old bowling ball (big ball for you New Englanders)…and roll it down the road to see if he can get it to crest the little hill. Well he did it on the first try…and this pickup truck was coming up the other side of the hill doing about 65 when he hit the bouncing bowling ball. The truck sent the ball flying back and it went right through the front window of the bar and the bounced once and hit the shelves of liquor behind the bar. Luckily no one was killed or seriously injured. When I read this in the paper I was laughing my *ss off…because I knew the bar and the person who threw the bowling ball.