Knocking noise from steering wheel

Hello eveyone,
so i got a peugeot 206 1.4l 2003, and since I have it i have a knocking noise from the steering wheel, it only happens on a specific area on the wheel.
i doesnt really bother me much, no mechanics know what is that everything is in good condition, someone told me that there is a bolt or something on the steering wheel itself, and it needs to be tightened. that one person spayed some oil spray on that particular area and it made it better, but still making a little bit of noise.
does anyone knows what is that and what to do?

here is a video of the noise:

(the video was taken before the oil spay that the guy did, now it is way better)

Have someone check if the U-joint at the base of the steering column is worn.


can you please mark where do i need to look exactly?

Yeah, I had a very similar issue once on a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado truck. It was the steering column u-joint in need of grease. I believe there was a TSB or something along those lines. Immediately fixed the sound.

Not really familiar with a Peugeot…but generally, you can look under the steering wheel, under the dash, right above the gas/brake pedals, and see the steering u-joint. I can’t speak to what kind of grease or other lubricant might be appropriate. I would not suggest WD40, but some other spray lithium grease might work.

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I looked there and verything seemed fine, the noise is coming from inside the steering wheel and to look what is going on there i need to remove more stuff.
once i will have more time to do it i will, and will update you if it fixed.
thank you guys and hopefully will updatre you soon.