Killing the window motors


As to the MD who is killing his window motors, I have a theory. I wonder if maybe he has the bad habit of rolling the windows up or down and not releasing the button promptly, or possibly even playing with the button, pushing it repeatedly to the up position as he drives. Being a doctor, he may even be doing this while he talks on the phone, and doesn’t realize the window has quit moving.


Hmmm, which knee do you s’pose he’s using to drive?


Or he has the habit of resting his arm on the window control panel, somehow depressing the buttons and causing current to continue to flow in the motor after the window has reached top or bottom. This would heat the motor, leading to early failure.


I think this guy really got some unfair treatment on the show last week.

As the granddaughter of a long-time emergency room nurse, I know that emergency medical workers are notoriously sleep-deprived. Driving himself home after a 14-hour stint of lifesaving labor, I think this woman’s husband may be rolling the windows up and down to keep himself awake: perhaps beginning with a light breeze in from the rear windows, then adjusting the windows so that a stronger air current will come straight in from the passenger side, and finally rolling all the windows down for a gale-force wind to keep his eyes open and his mind alert.

The wind, coupled with the activity associated with rolling the windows up and down, might be his way of keeping himself awake as he heads home after a long shift – or as he sleepily heads into the E.R. after being dragged out of bed to attend to an urgent life-or-death situation.

Come on, Click and Clack! You owe this guy an apology. Here he’s out there sacrificing his sleep to save people’s lives almost every day, and all you yokels can do is accuse him of stealthy smoking!!

-Ashley Waddell, Eagle Rock, CA


On my Ford Windstar, if you don’t release the button just BEFORE the window gets to the stop, it jams the worm drive if the gears are worn. Then the motor burns out if you try to free it by holding down the button.