Kickdown Cable for 87' Sentra

Hi, I’m new to fixing my own vehicle. So my questions are these, my Kickdown Cable (that’s what my Da calls it) is busted on my Sentra. I have to drive it kind of like a tap shift… I need to repair this but I can’t find the cable specifically for a Nissan. Am I not calling it by it’s proper name? Is this a universal style part? Can I just order a braided Kickdown Cable and it’ll work in my car (like the cigarette lighter or radio)? I find them online for $35, but I don’t want to buy anything that isn’t going to work in my car. Thanks!

I think you are looking for the TV cable (short for Throttle Valve cable).

In your post you indicate that you don’t have kick down which would occur with a broken cable. However, all of your shifts should occur at very low vehicle speeds and should be very soft i.e. slippy. You might have other problems with the transmission.

Hope this helps.

We looked at the tranny and it’s in really good shape. It is the cable, I’m just not sure if the Kickdown/TV cable is universal. Thanks for the name of the part, it helps!

If you got the universal cable make sure it has the fittings for both ends. You will have to connect it to the transmission at TV (bell crank?) as well as at the throttle linkage. My research does not show how the transmission end is connected. Then, you have to adjust the cable shell location to get the P1 and P2 dimensions specified. Adjust the P2 dismension as necessary to get the correct shift points and kickdown point.

We found one and it fits! Yay! Thanks for the help!