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Transmission Project "Oops" Question

Well I have to make a long story short, suffice it to say this is a bit embarassing, but I need an answer:

I removed the 440-t4 transmission from my daughter’s 1987 Pontiac Bonneville and had it rebuilt. After I replaced the unit I discovered I left off (and lost) the TV link and cable. I (miraculously)found the link and the cable, and I am wondering if I can replace the link without having to remove the side cover of the transmission, and what I can do to avoid dropping the TV link rod down into the trans while I am trying to reattach it to the linkage arm inside the trans thru the little TV link hole on the top of the trans.

A mouthful I know, and a dumb question to boot, but any help is appreciated, and I’ll report back.

OK here is a long-overdue update.

The trans had to come all the way back out to reinstall the detent cable hook; which my son and I dutifully did. Also, upon closer inspection, my original throttle kickdown detent cable was broken at the throttle body end. The little plastic thing that hooks up the the throttle linkage was broken.

Sooooo, had to get a new cable. Well, the only thing anyone has is a universal cable. I bought one from A & Reds in Kansas, and sure enough they shipped me the universal cable, in a sealed package that said my transmission (440-t4) is one of the trannies that the cable can be adjusted to fit. The cable comes with adjustment instructions, which I tried to follow. The problem is the sheathing foir this universal cable is WAY longer then the entire original cable assembly; and there is no procedure in the insnstructions for cutting the sheathing. Long and short of it all (sorry for pun) is that there is no way I can see that this universal cable can possibly work on my engine/trans. The sheathing is much too long, meaning the tension on the cable as configured is so tight the trans will think I am always at Wide Open Throttle.

I have searched junkyards (via the web) all over the country trying to find a stock throttle detent cable, no luck. There is no way I know of to get this “universal” cable to work. So, I’m stuck with a car with a freshly rebuilt transmission I just installed that I can’t use for lack of a $30.00 part.

Any ideas would be most appreciated.

I confess to knowing nothing whatsoever about the design of that cable. However, the last time I needed an oddball custom cable (it was actually for a go-cart) I went to a local motorcycle shop with the old one & they fabbed a new one for me. I have no idea whether that would be possible for this application & some creativity may be required. You might also just call around to local car shops to see whether or not any of them fab any cables. (Transmission shops obviously might be a good bet).

Take a look at They may have the cable you need.


Thanks, guys – rockauto has the long universal cables which I suspect will present the same problem. Will have to check into the fabrication angle. Thanks, Pop

Turns out there is a stock OEM cable on eBay. I ordered it, hopefully this will do the job.