"Kick" with acceleration



My '03 Subaru Forester is at about 85k miles, and has been beautiful. I’ve recently noticed that when I try to accelerate quickly on the highway (eg: passing), the car stays the same speed for a second then “kicks” and speeds up. It feels like I’ve been rear-ended. I just got a free check-up on the car that saw cracked drive belts, dirty air filter, and slight head gasket leak; it also said “not a major concern at this time”. Is my acceleration issue related to one of these things, or is it something completely different? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Did you have the air filter replaced? Has it ever been replaced?

How about the fuel filter? I would start with those things, esp. the fuel filter.

And I’m not actually a mechanic, but I don’t think that any kind of head gasket leak, “slight” or not shouldn’t be seen as a major concern. Maybe given the way it is leaking it doesn’t need immediate attention - as in today - but it isn’t the kind of thing that I would just drive on with.

Certain years and models of Subaru are known for head gasket problems. I don’t know about the '03 Forester but there are several Subaru guys around who can provide info. Internet searches would also easily turn up info about it.