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2016 Subaru Forester unintended acceleration

Two identical “unintended acceleration” accents.
Subaru Forester, still under warranty
Is this car subject to unintended acceleration?

Do you mean accidents or incidents? I’m confused…:thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Not unless you’re either hitting the accelerator at the same time as the brake pedal or the floor mat is wedged under the pedals interfering with proper operation. I haven’t heard of any Subaru vehicles that had unintended acceleration.


I follow these types of topics very closely and I reported on the Toyota-related topics for years. To my knowledge, unintended acceleration incidents related to Subarus of any type are not common. If you mean in your post that you have crashed that car twice, please report the problem to the dealership at a minimum. People die in these types of incidents. I looked at Car Complaints and there are some owner reports of this with your generation of Forester. However, every vehicle gets some reports. I own a '16 Forester. When moving it around in a parking lot the transmission can cause the car to surge a big when one shifts from forward to reverse and vice versa. All Auto-equipped vehicles do that a bit. I have noticed the slight surge on a few occasions. However, I am always on the brakes when that happens, so using them would stop the vehicle. Or slow its rate of movement.

The vast majority of these types of incidents are driver-related, either accidentally pushing the gas when the brake was intended or pushing both brake and gas at the same time. The other major cause is having the floor mat interfere with the gas pedal. Check into each of these as possible causes.

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Back in 2008, I was a passenger in my friend’s Accord sedan when we were T-boned–in a gas station!–by a woman driving a Lexus SUV. We were rolling slowly toward the station’s exit when–all of a sudden–this woman’s SUV jumped the curb and hurtled toward us. We were both only shaken-up, but the Accord was totaled.

Anyway, I overheard part of the cop’s questioning of the woman, and she said, “The harder I pushed on the brake, the faster it went”. Ummm… yeah, that’s what happens when one mistakes the gas pedal for the brake pedal.

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