Goofy Window

Here’s the sequence of my problem;

1. 2003 Silhoette passenger door window failed to operate using passenger side window switch

2. Only driver side swich would then opperate passenger window

3. Replaced passenger window switch with recycled switch

4. Widow worked fine for two weeks

5. Now window switch on passenger side continues to work, but driver side switch does not!

6.All wiring harnesses are tight.


Thank you.

this might sound kinda wierd but give it a whirl. my old boss told me once when i had a window doing the samething. use two fingers and flip the switch back and forth as fast as you can. some idiot in the automotive world once decided to make window switches unsealed so they are prone to dust causing bad connections. doing this could and has caused switches to start working again. its free and that is my favorite way to start the troubleshooting process

I had an '00 Silo so I know what you mean.

The next time you have this problem, use a continuity tester and check the wiring where it goes through the cover between the door and body.

Slight breaks inside the hardened wire insulation can be hard to locate.

The vibrations from closing doors. hood or hatch can separate and also rejoin the broken ends enough to get dubious connections.

The armrest switch location was a handy idea except that nobody considered the fact that when it rains and you either roll the window down in a drive trough or open the door, the switches get wet.

I tried an electrical contact cleaner on my switches but that proved to be temporary.