Kia Sephia w AT Wont Shift

I’ve a 1998 Kia Sephia with AT. It was hit by a tree when Irene hit and was sitting in my driveway for a month while I did some minor body repairs. Now I cant shift it out of Park! I took the console off to look at the shifter. The interlocks work (shifter button and break) but the cable that goes to the shift lever on the trans wont budge.

Is their something on the transmission that would prevent it from shifting? Or is the transmission itself frozen? Would changing AT fluid or an additive help?

Any help appreciated! The car is parked right in front of my garage (nose in), so I cant budge it or tow it!

This may seem extreme to you, but have you tried disconnecting the cable from the transmission, and moving the lever yourself*? If you can move it, then it’s the cable (or damage in it somewhere). If you can’t, then it’s the transmission.

*They don’t necessarily move easily by hand, you may need a wrench to get a grip on it.

If I remove the cable from the shifter, it shifts just fine. So I guess it’s the cable or the trani itself. Is there any cure if its the transmission?