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Kia Sedona - Engine stalling

My Kia Sedona, 2006, has stalled on my approximately 6 times. Everything in the car works, lights, radio,… and yet the engine is locked out. Sometimes in 15 minutes I can start the engine again and other times no luck. NHTSA indicates there are electrical wiring system issues yet no one at Kia can figure it out. And no one will admit there is a problem. HELP!


Any fault codes?
How many miles are on it?
What has Kia done and/or checked so far?

Perhaps go go autozone or pepboys to see if there are any codes stored. They’ll do that for free but will try to upsell you on service.
Say ‘thank you but no thank you’ and report back with those codes.

Everyone is clueless.

Do you have an aftermarket security system?
An aftermarket remote starter system?

Without any codes, this could be any of a dozen different problems. You may need to leave your car for a few days or a few weeks at the dealership or at your mechanic’s shop until it happens while the mechanic is there to see it happen. When it is happening, your mechanic should be able to determine what the problem is. But not if everything is working when he’s looking at it. You may need to rent a car while all this happens if this is your only transport. My first guess would be a security system problem as mentioned by TSM above, so if your car has one, ask if it is possible to disconnect it temporarily. You may be able to isolate the problem that way.