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Occasional stall

I own an 05 Kia Sportage EX, about 35000 miles and usually a terrific car; however, only after being thoughly warm when slowing down approaching a light for example; it will stall and it might do that again then not at all for maybe weeks. Starts immediately, no engine light and when I took it to the dealer it hadn’t thrown a code except a misfire. It even did it once on the highway @ 60mpg when, I think, I took my foot off of the accelerator. The momentom of the car started it right away.

Do you have any idea’s on this, Kia customer service was of no help- sure would appreciate anything you can offer. Unfortuneately I am not able to listen to your radio show on Saturdays.


My first idea about a non-code stall is a vacuum leak,then moving on into the idle control circuit,do you have a manual with a troubleshooting guide?

I am curious, you are out of warranty already? why is this not a warranty issue?

Nope - don’t have a manual and yes it is in warranty for all the good that does. Service doesn’t have the answer except to leave it with the mechanic for as long as it takes @ $30 a day my cost. Wouldn’t a vacuum leak show up all the time? This is very intermitten could go weeks before it happens again. Thanks

There is another Kia owner here with a similar problem. Check out

My first guess is a low idle, perhaps caused by a bad or dirty mass airflow sensor. Sometimes a little carb cleaner sprayed in the throttle body will solve a problem like this. If you try this, make sure you follow the directions on the can. This problem can go unnoticed until your air conditioning compressor cycles on or some other load is put on the engine and the engine dies.

With modern fuel injected cars, some people use a bottle of fuel system cleaner or fuel injector cleaner in the tank and think the fuel system is clean. However, that doesn’t clean the air intake.

Why are you being charged $30/day for warranty diagnostics? Try another Kia dealership. Ask the mechanic to drive the car home and to work each day until the problem repeats. Tell him you don’t want it back until they find what is wrong.

Howdy consider adding a can of Sea Foam to the gas tank it is a great cleaner. Then drive the tank to almost empty before refill. Have at least 6 gallion of gas in the tank when adding the cleaner- and for about $6 it might make it all better

I worked for KIA and the warranty was one of the main reasons we had such great sales (2005) They had great technical assistance also. Has the Dealer contacted Technical Assistance? get a field rep. going on this. They can authorize repairs the Dealer can’t do without duplication,or they could blow you off at a higher level.