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Kia Sedona Alarm Frustration

We have a 2011 Sedona EX and, after a recent service visit, we started having issues with the alarm and keyless remote operation. For a week, it would not activate the horn in response to the second lock press on the remote. The alarm would also randomly start sounding despite the previous issue and no one touching the car. Naturally, the morning we arrived back at the dealership, issue 1 (the one tangible problem) resolved itself and they couldn’t find anything wrong. When we returned home and set the alarm it went off within minutes and continues to do so, though the other issue has not resurfaced. We have also had intermittent “door open” indications from the passenger side while driving but no interior light is on when the alarm activates. I have placed spacers on the passenger side doors to no effect. Any assistance would be appreciated.