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Swaying Prius

My girlfriend owns an 02 prius that when driving it tends to bob all around the road and drift. When on a highway you have to constantly use extreme focus to keep it in the lane. Could it be the sway bar? Do prius’ have sway bars? The car also has a jiggle in the front passenger side when going over small and large bumps…im guessing its the CV joint, but could that cause the swaying?

I also think it could be a suspension problem… help!

The CV joint might not be last on my list, but I would have a lot of more likely issues.

Have a alignment shop take a good look at your car.  Have them check the tyres as well as the suspension parts.  If you like your girlfriend, I hope you encourage her to have this done a lot sooner than later.  It is a safety issue.

How long has she owned this car? Any history of when the current tyres were put on there? etc.

Follow JEM’s advice. A Prius should not sway and you should not have to concentrate on steering to keep it in the proper lane. Something is wrong so you need to have it looked at ASAP.

She has owned the car since 04. It has newish tires, under 2 years. Would you recommend an alignment shop or a dealership?
Thanks for your help/speedy reply

At 8 Or 9 Years Old That Little Car Is Now A Senior Citizen In Car Years.

Has the car been safety checked or aligned in recent history ? Depending on miles and how it’s been driven it could have a tie-rod end or two getting ready to go south.

Don’t guess or ask us. I’d get it physically checked ASAP (yesterday). Ball joints and other components need inspection, too. Before having an alignment done, these parts will all have to be functioning properly.

Meanwhile, park it before somebody gets hurt or killed.


It definitely hasn’t…will do asap. Thank You!

The car should drive straight; meaning that is should hold a straight line without constant imput by the driver.

You don’t give the miles, but an '02 car is about 9 years old and can have lots of issues based on age, miles, and what it has been put through. There are many parts in the front end that can get bent, worn, and rubber bushings can deteriorate. Have the car inspected by a good body shop, or machanic that can evaluate front end parts for wear and steering gear for wear.

I’m assuming you’ve already checked the tire pressure and that all the tires are running the correct air pressure.

A Body Shop ? As A Former Body Shop Manager, I Like Your “Mechanic” Suggestion As A starting Point, Much Better.

And not all mechanics work in service / repair shops with good alignment equipment. Might as well go to a shop that’s got it just in case front-end components are necessary.