Kia Optima P0715

I’ve never had a problem with my car until I recently got an oil change and within two hours had my car shift from 4th to 3rd w/out reason and the check engine light came on. I had my engine daignosed and looked online. It lists P0715 as the fault code, which says “turbine speed sensor circuit malfunction”. Any ideas on what this requires to fix…or if it’s related to the oil change? Is it easy to fix?

Since the KIA comes with a very generous Power Train Warranty, there is a very good chance that this is a repair that will be covered by that warranty. How many miles are on the odometer, and how many months has the car been in service?

There are about 94,000 miles but I am not the original owner. I was told by Kia that the 100,000 power train warranty was only for the original owner.

The turbine speed sensor is mounted on the bell housing of the transmission and measures the rotation of the torque converter for engine RPM’s. Check to make sure the sensor wasn’t accidently unplugged or damaged when the oil change was performed.