2001 Saturn SW Question


Last month, the #1 piston rod decided to launch itself out of the side of the block on my Sister’s car.

She took it to a person who claimed he was a mechanic (Don’t get me started on him). He put in an engine from a junk yard, and as far as I can tell, it’s the same as the old engine.

He returned the car to her with the “Service Engine Soon” light on. The code stored on the computer is PO717, which translates to Input/Turbine speed sensor A circuit no signal.

As far as I know, the car doesn’t have a turbine, so it shouldn’t have a turbine speed sensor.

Is there any reason that the computer should now want input from a sensor it doesn’t have?

Can anyone give me an idea what is wrong?


[b]The code relates to the input vehicle speed sensor. This sensor takes it’s reading off a tone ring on the torque converter. Hence the turbine reference.

Either the sensor is defective, or it’s connector wasn’t plugged back in.



That was it! He didn’t plug it back in. Thanks.