Kia L 4 engine and another Kia. 4.2 L engine or something like that

The L4,four cylinder KIA 2015 engine is great …but another 4 cylinder engine they make …I read about… is defective and pone to fail because it is poorly designed. I need to know how to tell the difference when looking at used KIA vehicles. Perhaps they are used in some Hyundai cars as well?? Help please… if you can enlighten me…on what to look for?

If you read about the engines in question then what exactly are you asking us to provide you with here?

All you need to do is look this info up on the net…it should be documented thoroughly as the KIA engine failure issue is well known and info is readily available.

There are other brands that might not have you worrying about defective engines . And if you are really concerned about a used vehicle you should look to see if the is something new in your price range.

The trouble prone engine is called “Theta II” engine and used in both Kia and Hyundai vehicles. There is a list of applications in the link;

You can check the NHTSA recall page to see if any vehicle you are looking at was affected by the engine recall. Just enter the VIN.

Here’s a vdo about this theta II engine issue

The troublesome engine you refer to is called the “Theta II” by Hyundai. They had one run of that engine that had a quality control problem with machining of the oil galleries in the crankshaft. All of the cars with an engine from that production run (mostly Sonatas) have been recalled. It’s a 2.4 litre direct injection engine. I wouldn’t worry about it. Hyundai and Kia share the best engine warranty in the business.

This is what Hyundai/Kia initially claimed, but the problem of engines knocking, seizing up, or breaking apart (sometimes resulting in fires) spans multiple model years, and multiple car/SUV models. There is an ongoing class action lawsuit regarding this defective engine.

Actually, I have heard the opposite about their “powertrain warranty”, and in any case, this warranty is only available to the original owner. The moment the car is resold, the warranty reverts to a much shorter basic warranty.

Many thanks , my friend, “Mopar Guy”…for exactly what I wanted to know… I appreciate you sharing you expertise with me… and all others who could be affected. Thanks to “Car Talk”… also for making it all possible …Good Job, guys!

my neighbor said their kids hyundai/kia with same motor blew. wanted to know if i was interested in buying car. told wife it would be nice to have the warranty fix it. 2hrs later my neighbor called and said that it was going to be fixed under warranty. dodged that bullet

Whew! Close one…