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Keys won't go in lock/ignition without struggle/multiple attempts - 2005 Honda Pilot

Hey all - 1st time poster, please help!

So I bought a 2005 Honda Pilot which came with 2 keys. The main key has a remote battery (which is dead) and a spare key. Because the battery is dead, we must manually unlock the car door each time we get in. A month ago or so I noticed that the main key was having trouble going in the driver’s side door. It would go about half way in and jam. I would try 5-10 times and then eventually it’d go in and turn fine. Sometimes I’d go to the passenger door where it would open with no problem.

We started having the same problem with the key in the ignition, where it would take several times to get the key in the ignition, once in, it would turn fine. At this point, we switched to the passenger key, as we are really tight in the money dept (aren’t we all?), and didn’t want to pay much money for a slight inconvenience.

Unfortunately we’re not having the same trouble with the spare key in the ignition. 5-10 times before it will go in, once in, it starts fine. The main key is still tough on the driver door. The only thing I can think of is it’s the keys and the ignition, as it doesn’t make sense that it’s limited to one or the other since we have problems with both keys…can anyone help?

Have you lubricated the locks with graphite powder? If not, I’d start there. Keep in mind that it will make the keys kind of messy for a while, so keep a cloth handy to wipe them off.

Also, wouldn’t replacing the battery be easier than using the key manually for the remaining years that you have the car?

I haven’t done anything with them yet…I’ll try graphite powder.

I was under the impression that replacing the remote batteries was pretty expensive, but I’ll look into it.

Thanks for the reply.

RKE batteries are about $2.