The key won't come out of the ignition!

This week Tom & Ray fielded a question on a Honda Civic about a key that wouldn’t come out of the ignition. I just started having the same problem a week or 2 ago with my 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix SE just about the same time it hit the 100K miles mark. It started out as occasional, then 1/2 the time, now about 75% of the time. Now I just lock it in with the “fob” thing but the “P” light remains lit so I’m afraid of drainning the battery & can’t take the brother’s advice to ignore the problem. Any idea if the same answer they gave to the caller applies to me?

Get some silicone lube spray. Spray a little in the hole and a little on the key.
Work the key in and out. Spray a little more on the key and repeat. Try not to make a mess.

Thanks a lot - I’ll try that! Someone also suggested Graphite?

Tri-Flow chain lubricant also works well. It seems to last a little longer than silicone lubricant.

Sometimes this happens because there is stress on the steering column. Next time this happens, try moving the steering wheel from side to side and see if it helps it come out.

Thank you! I’ll try that, too!

You might try having a dealer or a lock shop make a new key. Not a copy of the old key, which is quite worn, but a new key cut to the shape the dealer can recover using the VIN number.