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Ignition Key won't insert. Very hard to get it in to start my Honda

My key will not insert into the ignition on the steering column. Any advice on how to fix this? I don’t want to take it to the mechanic and be ripped off.

Maybe it needs lubrication. Spray powdered graphite into the key insert and see if it loosens up. Don’t mix powdered graphite with a liquids lube. You could also take it to a locksmith. They should be cheaper than the dealer. Make sure the locksmith can handle the problem before turning it over. In MD, there are a limited number of locksmiths licensed to do significant car ignition work, and I’m not sure where this falls as far as licensing is concerned.

Sometimes its the key but most often its the ignition cylinder that is worned If you are in the habit of having a lot of keys dangling down on your key chain. The extra weight will wear the cylinder after a few years.