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# keys on car key "ring"

A question about this was on the April 5, 2008 Car Talk and the Car Guys said it is ok to have up to (7-8?) keys. I am remembering that many years ago (1973 or so) a friend had to have the ignition key “receptacle” replaced–where the key is inserted to start the car-- The mechanic said it was because the key “bunch” was too heavy and, over time, had damaged it enough that it had to be replaced. Ever after, I keep only the car key and the small plastic ID tags for frequent buyers on it–and, I feel comfortable leaving it when I have to park in a lot that requires me to leave behind the car key

If your question is how many keys are safe to put on a ring you will have many different opinions with nothing being concrete. But many car manufactures are now going with a side milled key ( having the tumbler grooves milled into the side instead of on the edge) because of greater security features and being able to carry more keys since it has a greater bearing surface

So, where’s the question stated? Also, what kind of automobile do you have? A lot has to do with the life of the car, on whether or not you should be worried! If we’re talking a Volkswagon or Mercedes, don’t worry 'cause it’s not going to have a long life anyways! They’re junk and unreliable so the life of the vehicle is going to be very limited! In other words, it will die before the keys have an effect (hopefully)! But, if we’re talking a Toyota or one of their sub-brands, only keep exactly what you “have to have” on your ring! I personally have 2 keys on my ring (my house key and car key). I live in an apartment and found, no, I don’t need to have my mailbox key on me! The mailbox key sits in a little cubby since I am almost always in the car when I get my mail and what’s the need to have extra keys I don’t need? Good luck and next time, maybe state the question (no disresprect or negativity meant!). Have a great day/night~

Replacing an ignition lock isn’t expensive or difficult. Carrying two key rings isn’t a bad idea.

In short extra weight on a key ring does cause additional wear on the lock. In time it will damage the lock to the point of failure. Likely if you only have one key the lock will outlive the rest of the car with a pile of keys it will not last nearly as long. No one knows exactly, but it is rather common to find that the driver has had a lot of weight on theie key ring when there is a ignition lock failure.

You got to be kidding.

LOL, I recently replaced one of my benz tumblers at about 425K miles (it still worked fine but it was starting to get a little glitchy).

That was hilarious. It was a joke posting, right?

it is rather common to find that the driver has had a lot of weight on theie key ring when there is a ignition lock failure.

I can’t help but recall the (true) story of a man who went to his doctor for chronic back pain. The doc couldn’t figure out what was going on, until the man dressed to leave. The doctor noticed he had a wallet absolutely stuffed full of crap and was maybe 2 inches thick. It was enough to tilt his pelvis quite a bit off the level while sitting, causing back mis-alignment. I suppose the doctor charged him enough to thin out the wallet…

I had the tumblers fail in my car once and I used to carry a ton of keys on my ring (plus assorted knick knacks). Now I keep my car keys on a separate key ring. The only thing on that ring are the keys and remotes to my two vehicles. My house keys have my other junk and a clip that can attach my car keys when I get where I am going. Since I have been doing this I have had no problems.

I’ve heard this before…happened to a girl I worked with…but I’ve never experienced it. I currently have about 8 keys on my car ring…Have had close to that many or more for the past 30 years.

His user name contains “truly random,” so maybe his opinions are truly random.

Wasn’t that a Seinfeld episode?

I used to have pain in my hip regularly until a friend told me a few years ago that he too had it until he started carrying his wallet in his front pocket. I tried that too. It worked. Pain gone!

Things we carry can have an effect. I have no doubt that too many keys swinging on the lock cylinder could cause preamture wear and/or failure.

I too have stopped sitting on my wallet. It has helped relieve back pain.

After seeing something really cool, I vote for no key chain. Check these out. These are custom motorcycle ignition keys that you can buy for $25 each on eBay. If only you could get them for a car.

Bethesda, I agree with you - the fewer the better. Less stress on the lock cylinder, less etching of the steering column or dashboard (depending where your lock cylinder is). Even more, I like my newer car that has just a little transmitter that never leaves my pocket.