How much weight can ignition hold?

How much weight can the ignition safely hold before problems can occur? My wife has a wallet on the end of her key ring which dangles from the ignition. I am concerned that it may be too heavy and could put unnecessary wear on the ignition or the key. I weighed it on a postal scale, and the wallet – without the keys – weighs 8 oz (which is more impressive when you say ‘half a pound’). We have a 1999 Subaru Legacy.

Do others share this concern.

A remote and key along with a house key is all that is needed on a key ring.

You are correct in that too much key ring weight will eventually damage the cylinder components.

Too much weight will accelerate wear-lighten up that chain.

More than…let’s say…a remote and about 6 or 7 keys is more of a load than the ignition lock cylinder is designed to accomodate. Your wife is putting WAY too much weight on the cylinder and this will cause damage.

There is no specific amount. The more weight the more wear. In time even a little weight will do it. It is also true that some locks will last longer than others. It would appear your wife is adding a lot of wear and I would guess it is beyond design weight.