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Keyless entry/Alarm disarm

Last week my soon to be stepson in law bought a 99’ Taurus wagon. It was Repoed 2 owners ago and has a new chip key and lock for the ignition only. 2 days ago he has the door panels off trying to reset the code of the pad from the code numbers under the steering coloum, with no luck. Yesterday the alarm goes off every 20 minutes or so, and the only way to shut it up is to insert the key into the ignition. Half a day of this fun and I pulled the battery terminal. Now the Questions, 1 what did he do? 2 how do we silence the alarm? 3 how can we resequence the lock pad?

The following will reset your key fobs to the correct code: The programming will “erase” your old ones.

2 – Unlock the doors. Put the key in the ignition, and turn from “Off” to “ACC” 5 times in under 10 seconds. The doors will lock. Leave key in the ACC position

3 – Program the fobs by pressing any key on the fob. Do this for each fob. The doors locks will lock/unlock

4 – Turn the key to Off. Locks will lock/unlock, and you are out of programming mode.

5 – Test all remotes

I believe that the OP is referring to the code for the keypad on the side of the driver’s door.