How can I reset an existing Taurus key fob to another Taurus?

I just bought a '97 Taurus SHO. It has the keyless entry pad, and I know the code. Unfortunately the former owner never had a remote keyless entry fob for it either, so I didn’t get it. Fortunately I DO have another one from a former '97 Taurus.

I know that there is a proceedure for resetting a key fob to another car. I’m pretty sure it can be done without a visit to the dealer for a Taurus of this vintage. I think it involves the factory installed radio, but I don’t recall how to do it. I’m hoping someone here will know.

When I needed a key, went on ebay and a number of listings posted procedure for programming key. Sure they also do that for key fobs. Think www.remotesunlimited.comalso gives that info.

You’re not programming the fob to respond to the car, you’re programming the car to respond to the fob.

The procedure is, of course, in the owner’s manual.

I don’t think so Jay. I already looked there. The manual details resetting the keyless entry touch pad to a code of your choosing, but not the fob(s). I even know where they hide the factory set code stickers to use after the original owner scrapes the sticker off of the trunk lid. All it says about fobs on page 45 is to take the transmitters to the dealer for programming. I guess that implies that you’d take the car too.

Hey, they aren’t going to give away info that will make them money.

Remotes Unlimited’s website says that the directions come with each purchase. It doesn’t sound like they are giving away anything either, but it sure sounds like it can be done.

Each Taurus so equipped comes with two fobs. Do they not have the same codes? Can one then program the car to respond to more than one fob from different formerly owned Tauri Jay? Seems backwards to me.

I’ve had several Tauruses over the years, and if I recall correctly the car can be programmed to use up to 2 fobs at a time. If you try to program a third fob it’d eliminate the first, etc.

Procedure was in the manual.

And no, the fobs don’t all have the same codes. They transmit digital identification codes. You’re training the car to respond to the individual code of those two fobs, and every fob has a different identifier.

Mr. MG,

Ford may differ from GM in more than name, but with GM you can program up to 4 remotes per vehicle.

The catch is it is IMPERATIVE you have one remote already programmed so as to be able to duplicate others.

The first has to be programmed at a dealer as these remotes (GM) are set to radio frequencies which are constantly changing.

You are correct in stating you can set a door locking/opening code yourself from the manufacturers list (in the owners manual), but like you also mentioned, this does NOT refer to remote programming.

FWIW, every time you change the remotes’ battery, it will require reprogramming.

Download a manual at

I found the info I needed on another website. In case you’re interested, for a '97 Taurus, you turn the ignition from OFF to ON five times within ten seconds. If the car is equipped with remote keyless entry, the locks will then lock and unlock. Within two seconds, you depress any button on the fob, and it’s programmed.

Later Fords require nine key cycles to set the fob.

NO, it’s not in the owner’s manual. I looked thru it at length. Setting the door’s key pad is there, but not the fob.