Dead Battery/Ignition key froze

OK I know a lot of car quirks have slipped by me while I operated a big rig for the last 25 years. Here is one new to me. A friend called the other night saying her car woultnt start, and the battery appeared dead. Then when she wanted to go back inside her key wouldnt withdraw from the ignition. I was apparently wrong when I told her the ignition lock must be broken. Now It appears this happens on cars with a certain lock. design. She has a 98 Blazer.
Is this common to Blazer/GM or all?

I never had this happen in the 10 years I had a 2000 Blazer when it had a dead battery. Is it possible she forgot to put the trans in Park? I found this link for a Trailblazer that might be helpful though.

Ed B.

I had her Move the shift leaver back and forth while in park. Also jiggle steering wheel. After battery was recharged, the key would withdraw. Your link confirms other models have the problem.