2000 GMC Jimmy 4.3l V6 w Floor Shift, Key will not turn back

This acted up a couple random times where I was able to get the key out but now the ignition key is stuck. The ignition key turns forward fine but will not return to the position where it can be released, so I currently can turn it a couple clicks. I can start the vehicle just fine and the steering wheel is not locked. I can not start it in any position other than park or neutral which makes me believe the park/neutral switch is fine. I thought it might be the lock cylinder because I noticed my spare key (which is in like new condition) allowed me to turn the key backward to turn on the radio but the old key didn’t. So I replaced the lock cylinder and that didn’t help at all.

Now I’m looking into the passlock sensor and BTSI circuits, however I’m not familiar with either of them. If anyone has some knowledge/advice on the root cause of this I’d appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!!