Key fobs not working and petrol cap won't open 2015 polo

Evening all, i’m after a bit of advice please. The wife has come home and her fob has stopped working. We have tried the spare but that also doesn’t work. The lights don’t flash on either so it maybe the battery (which I am going to change) but for both to stop working at the same time is either a massive coincidence or something else has gone wrong. Also the petrol cap is locked and won’t open too. Any ideas please??

Thanks in advance

Can you open the doors with the key? Does an alarm go off? Can you start the car?

If you can’t unlock the car why WOULD the petrol cap allow you to open it? Locked car…Locked petrol cap!

Both fobs are the exact same age. Both got batteries on the same day. Why wouldn’t they both stop working at the same time? Replace the batteries and post back if that doesn’t work.

Hi Mustang, thank you for your reply. Yes I can unlock the car manually and when the door opens, the alarm goes off but stops when key is in the ignition and the car starts fine. Usually when the car is unlocked, the petrol cap opens. Have ordered some batteries off of amazon so will try that tomorrow.

Just thought that one key has been sat in a draw for 7 years and the other used everday, they might run out at different times??

Are you saying the button inside this Polo will not release the fuel door ? That makes me think the 12 volt car battery is completly dead . Do any dash lights come on when you turn the key ?

For those who don’t know Polo is a Volkswagen model . That name is not used in the US .

Hi Volvo, thanks for your reply. There is no button inside the car. To open the flap you just press it in but the lock won’t allow it to open. No lights on the dash come on when its started

OK , I have no idea what might be wrong but doesn’t pressing the door unlock button on the drivers door release the fuel door ? I did have a vehicle that lost connection between the key FOBS and the receiver in the car.

Sorry i’m with you now. Just tested the button and yes the petrol cap is now unlocked! Thank you. Will try the batteries tommorow and fingers crossed

I don’t know if the receiver for the keyfob signal is on a fused circuit, but it wouldn’t hurt to check all of your fuses to see if any have blown.

Is the car battery original? If so, if it’s on the way out, strange electrical quirks could happen, although the fact that the car starts well would somewhat discount that theory.

Most fobs have a key inside them to unlock doors. Most cars have an emergency fuel door release inside the trunk if the door is electrically operated.

Not clear if you are talking the car battery or the fob batteries. But fob batteries need to be changed from time to time. You don’t always get the low battery message on the dash.

The fob battery does get some use even when the fob is in a drawer. The key is looking for the signal for the car so it can 2 way communicate with the car when close. So, yes, the fob can die sitting in a drawer, like the fob for my 2014 A4 that just got its battery replaced today.

Try this. Unlock the drivers door with the key, and hold it in the unlock position until the other doors unlock, the fuel door should be unlocked now. If that doesn’t work try unlocking the door and the turn the key to unlock again, if the other doors unlock the fuel door should open.

Fuel door issue has been solved


Damnit too late again. But the OP should look in their manual or try my suggestion so they know what to do when the fob doesn’t work.

fob still doesn’t work
The door unlock button on the drivers also unlocks the fuel door.

I just found a video which seems to be helpful if it is correct for your car. The link is