Bells and Whistles

Got an oil change the other day. Mechanic misplaced the oil cap for some time.We looked and looked and he finally found it in the engine. Drove away. Noticed the “door ajar” icon was lite up. As I was only a few blocks away from home I was not concerned. Upon arrival home, I opened closed all 4 doors and hatchback. Light still on. I repeated door ceremony. Light still on. As I was in a rush I decided to “deal with it later”. However, I could not lock the doors. Frustrated I left it anyway. Got ready for work and jumped back into car. As soon as I turned on car, it began to beep like a seatbelt reminder (not that my car does that, and I had my seatlbelt on). I assumed it had to do with the door issue as the indicator was still on. Running late for work I pressed on.

As it was becoming dark I put my lights on. They turned on but were accompanied by a long, continuous beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, that did not stop for about 5-10 minutes!

I have since gone back to the mechanic he does not know what happened and can not fix. VW wants to charge me $110.00 just to look at it. Somebody help!

I assume he just knocked a wire when looking for the oil cap.

I would guess the hunt for the oil cap had nothing to do with the door alarm problem but it is hard to say for sure. Usually the door switches complete a ground connection to indicate the door is closed. Someone is going to have to check the wiring connections from the door switches to see what is happening. I would start with the driver side door first. The trouble may also be with the module the doors tie to. Any good shop can check this trouble out. You don’t have to use the dealer service.