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Key FOB Kia Sedona

I picked up a Kia Sedona Base model from a private sale. The owner did not have the FOB keys.

What is the best way to get one.? I see they can be purchased used on line and then you take it to a dealer or qualified locksmith for programing.
I don’t have a Kia dealer close by. It is at the least a 20 mile ride.
I have no experience with this. What is the best approach? Thanks.

First thing is to find out if the car came from the factory with remote keyless entry, If it didn’t buying a key FOB would be a waste of money.

Start by calling a locksmith. However, I have a vague memory that with many cars you need at least one fob to program a new one, so don’t be surprised if they send you to the dealer because of that. Unfortunately, this is usually pretty expensive, so my guess is that you’ll be quoted $500 or more for two working fobs.

By the way, “fob” is not an acronym.

What model year is this Sedona?
What trim level does it have?

2010 model year. Base model. I believe they call it a L sport van. I could live with out it if they had lock cylinders on the passenger door and hatch. But the only lock cylinder is on the drivers door. Therefore I believe it must have come with the FOB.

There is no lock on the passenger side? or no door?

That is normal for many vehicle with remote entry. Call a dealer with your VIN and ask them if you have remote entry and how much it will cost to get 2 remotes . Also your insurance agent might be able to check it for you , some can and some can’t.

Inexpensive option for the hardware:

How to program it to the van:

You have a base model. That would lead me to believe there never was a remote key fob. And they saved money by having only one actual keyed lock.

The Sedona’s model year is undisclosed. My 2010 Kia Forte came with 2 FOBs. The one I have used for 8 1/2 years is still working fine. Probably because I rarely use it. Even though there are only 2 key operated locks. If I am driving solo I open the driver door with the ignition key since I will need it to start the car anyway. If I have a passenger a second turn will unlock all 4 doors. A plus is having only the house and car key on my key ring. If I have items such as groceries I wish to store in the trunk I use the FOB to unlatch it and the manual lever next to my seat to unlatch it at my destination while using the armrest switch to lock the doors. Having no FOB would not really affect me. I suggest OP give it a try.

It is a 2010 model year. Sorry about that omission in my opening post. I looked up the specs for the base trim level and it does come with key less remote entry as standard.

I appreciate the instructions posted to program the FOB. I hope it works for the 2010. It is not clear what model years it works for. If anyone knows for sure please weigh in.

I would think they should at least have the key cylinder on the rear hatch. I have had other cars with keyless remotes and no key cylinder on the passenger door but yes on the trunk. If the solenoid mechanism goes bad you can’t open it with out crawling through the car. With remote entry the solenoid actuators get used many many times more and they wear out faster. At least the KIA does not have convenience locks. Cars with that feature wear out the solenoids actuators the fastest.
To SGTRock21 and others with interest. I did not want to get in to to much personal stuff but I have a handicap member in my family. When I take them out I have to get them in the car first. It makes it awkward to leave them alone in a wheel chair on the passenger side and then walk around to the driver side to open the doors and then walk back around to put them in the car. Especially in the rain or cold weather. I then have to get the wheel chair into the trunk. The other day the lock mechanism was sticking for some reason and I had to play with the drivers side door unlock button to get the hatch lock to open. It took about a minute. If it had a key cylinder on the hatch it would not have been an issue to me.