Keeping the front seats clean

I have a 2013 Honda Accord with non-leather seats. I have been using the car less than a year but the driver and front passenger seats are full of hair (ok I am a little exaggerating). What are the best ways to keep the front seats clean?
Thank you very much for the responses in advance!

Ummm…a vacuum cleaner…?

Why not get a nice, sharp looking pair of seat covers.
Most of them you can slip them off and run them thru the washer, but air dry them or they will shrink and you’ll never get them back on.

I shoe horses and my truck is covered in the spring with hair. The horses are shedding their winter coat and the flannel shirts carry it right into the truck when I leave. Even if I remove the shirt and shake it out the hair still clings to the shirt, but like majic it comes right off onto my seats.

I take mine off about every 2 months and wash them ( the seat covers, not my shirts). I did find that wearing a slick fabric “windbreaker” helps because the hair does not stick to that and I can peal that off and keep it in the back of the truck until the next stop.

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Thanks for the seat cover suggestion. Where did you buy yours?

You can buy seat covers anywhere, especially at parts stores. Just be sure that if you have side airbags whatever cover you buy is compatible with the side airbags. It’ll say so on the package, or you can do a bit of research on the internet.

I’ve always purchased my seat covers at Target. I purchased a nice-fitting set there a couple years ago in fact, for a very reasonable price. But Target seems to be slowly getting out of the car accessory business. Still, it is worth a shot at least to see if your Target stocks car seat covers.

Target is converting their space to get into consumables; groceries. As is the Christmas Tree Shop, as did WalMart, … heck, they’re all doin’ it! Pretty soon you’ll be able to buy bananas at Toys-R-Us.

“Pretty soon you’ll be able to buy bananas at Toys-R-Us.”

You already can: baby food!

I use Coverking seat covers on my 2010 Cobalt. They are a little expensive, but are custom made for the seat. I ordered mine online but I believe Costco carries them.

Ed B.

Good advice. In general, my wife the car cleaning expert says this; regardless of what method you use to clean a fabric, don’t wait. It just gets worked in and harder to remove. She says it’s the same way as letting a husband “get away with anything”. Take care of it immediately when it happens and it’s much easier to deal with.

The fabric on your seats should be fairly durable as to rips and tears. You should be able to vacuum them clean, and if spills are an issue you should be able to have a local car detailer or carpet cleaning shop apply some good stain resistant treatment to them to keep them clean for years to come.

Your car is too new for seat covers. In my opinion covers are for old and tattered seats that no longer look acceptable. Why cover up a perfectly good looking seat?

Since ford f150 don’t offer leather or vinyl seats when you get an 8’ bed, I order seat covered from Cover King to protect the factory cloth seats. They fit great and I’m glad I purchased then. I have stains on the covers

If the problem is hair on the seats, I have found for cleaning dog hair off the upholstery in the house that a hand held vacuum cleaner with a revolving brush works very well. I have one made by Royal–it is a plug in model (not battery powered). I also vacuum the seats in our vehicles which are fabric (my wife does not like leather seats) with this vacuum several times a year. This keeps the seats looking like new.
For extremely dirty upholstery, I have a “steam cleaner” made by Bissel called a “Little Green Machine”. I have used this on badly soiled sections of the automobile carpet with good results.
The last car that I had seat covers installed was my 1965 Rambler. It was the bottom of the line 550 model and the seats didn’t wear well. At that time, Sears had seat covers, so I chose a pair that matched the interior and had them installed. I haven’t had a car since the Rambler where I thought I needed seat covers.

I put jumbo sized bathroom towels on my seats. For my prius I got black towels which match nicely. It looks kinda silly and you have to adjust them frequently but I like them. Throw them in the wash and like new.

I also try to avoid Mexican and Chinese food!!

Id vote for seat covers for most people though.

My mom and dad had a 93 corsica they bought new, it had the dash covered its whole life as well as the seats. The day the car went to the junkyard we pulled the towels off the seats and they still looked brand new 20 years later, the seats still “sparkled” like new. It wasn’t worth a nickle more, Sometimes I wonder why I bother trying to save my cars but continue to do so anyway. I never learn.

Hair comes off easily with a piece of adhesive tape.

I only bought covers for one of my cars. After ten years, the car was old with brand new seats, felt kinda silly.

A lint roller works beautifully on hair. Seats can also be shampooed with the rental rug shampooers with the stair attachments.

But for a long term solution, IMHO you can’t beat seat covers.

Buy a seat cover.
I put one on my car on day one. When it was time to trade it in the seats looked pristine. Not bad com a $20 seat cover…

“When it was time to trade it in the seats looked pristine.”

So the second owner deserves nice looking seats but you don’t?

as a used car buyer nice seats are important to me

@wesw‌, Yes I agree. And I think they would be even more important to a new car buyer. Why would you pay $25,000 or more for a new car and then spend the next 7 years sitting on a $20 discount auto parts seat cover? You pay top dollar for a new car, enjoy every bit of it that you can.