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Remove and Clean Cloth Seat Covers

I want to remove and clean the factory cloth seat covers on the front bucket seats.

Is there a recommended safe way to remove the seat covers without ripping the faabric? They seem like a real tight fit. I notice they have plastic clips that hook together but I haven’t tried taking them off yet.

Is there a recommended cleaning method? Cold water or dry clean?



Upholstery was once held to the seat frame with metal “Hog Rings”, a special purpose staple that was installed with “Hog Ring Pliers”. Sounds like yours uses a different system. I would ask at an automotive upholstery shop how to go about it…

In the past, the old hog rings were snipped with a pair of stout side cutters and the covers removed…Nobody took them off just to clean them. Way too much trouble…If they came off, new ones went back on…

You can use upholstery cleaner without removing the covers. When they recondition cars for sale they do not remove the seat covers. They clean them in place. You can remove the seats from the vehicle if you’d like, but I don’t recommend removing the covers from the seats. It will be very difficult to get the covers back in place correctly if you remove them.

Joe, Don’t Try This At Home. Find A Recommended Detail Shop And Go With Their Advice Or Hire Them To Do The Job.


I simply use a Bissel branded carpet cleaner for cleaning car if need be and sadly my old pets stains on carpet. I usually make sure its a sunny day and crack the windows slightly for the excess moisture.

Like the others have said, don’t try to take them off, they’re not designed to be removed. Even if you get them off, it’ll be very hard to get them back on. I’ve had good success with a Bissell “Big Green Machine” carpet cleaner. Ends up being a combination of missileman’s shop vac+upholstry cleaner. I do a second pass with just warm water to rinse out the cleaning solution.

Removing the seat covers is not a DIY project. You can clean them with upholstery cleaner and a “strong” shop vacuum. I also recommend having them cleaned at a good detail shop. They will clean your carpets as well.

I always having issues and problem when it comes to my ford seat covers ever since. I think that will be the best way to for removing the covers.