Car seat covers

I have a 2013 Toyota Rav4 with cloth seats. I purchased car seat covers for front and back at Walmart when I bought the car. Already wearing out—grandson and dog. Anyone out there who can can recommend a durable car seat cover for front and back? Thank you so much!

I can’t help you with recommendations, but I will strongly suggest that you make sure that any cover you buy doesn’t interfere with the side airbags if you have them.

Well go to Walmart if you want the absolute cheapest and lowest quality you can find. Otherwise I think a quick Google search would turn up a few better alternatives. Agree though about the side air bags. In the old days, Fingerhut used to sell the heavy clear plastic seat covers that many people used. I’m not sure if they still do or not since they have been bought out and resold several times over.

I bought a set in 2011, I think it was cover king and were pretty good. Check on the costco site too. They sell specialized covers, esp for cars with the side airbag in the seat. They are a bit pricey, so changing a few of the WM versions might be more budget friendly. Just make sure your side airbags are not in the seat.

Go back to the Toyota dealer and ask them what they recommend. They often know which seat covers are compatible with their air bag systems, and may even have a set in stock for you.

Thank you to all who offered suggestions. Much appreciated.

I can’t speak to the air bag issue, but $$-wise you are probably best off just to take another visit to a big box store, like Walmart, Target, etc. Since you got kids and dogs to contend with, just expect to replace them every 2-3 years I guess. I’ve always bought mine at Target. But Target has been getting out of the car-products business, so they might not sell seat covers any more. Last time I bought some was at Target, and I got them very cheap b/c they were on the clearance table. Maybe that’s when the were getting entirely out of that product, don’t know. The ones I bought, they’ve been pretty sturdy, no problems with them wearing out, but they weren’t the exact color I prefer; but for the price they were hard to turn down.

If you want some really good ones, the recommendations above are good too. Especially buying them at a dealership.

PepBoys sells real leather seat covers that should be durable. Not inexpensive, but durable.
These guys
make great leather seat covers, but you’ll need to open your wallet really wide. They’re worth considering, however.

NOTE: be sure that whatever you buy is compatible with your side airbags if you have them.

Seat covers are made so that the 2nd owner can have nice seats. Since I’m usually a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th owner, I thank those of you who opt for seat covers when your cars are new. Same with floor mats.

You are right @“MG McAnick” …I still have the original seats and original covering material on both of my vehicles, a 20+ year old Corolla, and 40+ year old truck. And the original covering remains in pretty good condition. That is when I see it, which is every few years, when I replace the covers.