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Keeping score



I wonder if they have deer and coon cutouts. I could use a box.

Well, it’s a change of pace from the ubiquitous stick people family decals.

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That’s what I needed for my mom’s car… on the right side. she knocked the mirror off the right side at least 3 times I knew about and tore up the entire right side 2 more times before she gave up driving.

My daughter in law took a very rural postal route in the hills where they lived. She hit so much wildlife that he kids would ask her"Did you do that mommy/ " every time they saw a dead animal on the roadside.

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Or a little recognition added to the stick family “photo”


“Candy” was supposedly added by a neighbor maybe as a joke, maybe not…


I saw one where the “dad” space was vacant and it said “position available”.


…or, as a woman whom I knew several decades ago used to say, “a change of paste”.

Stick figure families are not new.

Petroglyph’s at Capitol Reef National Park, about 1000 years old.


Back then, it took a lot longer to post a message to the chat rock and the responses weren’t quite as timely either…


You’ve got that right!!


But the rock parked itself. :grin:

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the moderators were quite the pain then, as well…

What I worry about it that there may be some truth to this listing on the vehicle door…and a certain amount of perverse “pride” too?
If I were police, making a traffic stop, this would prejudice me towards looking at any, and everything that might be effecting this driver’s ability to do a safe job: turn signals, cell phone, burger wrappers, coffee cups, etc.
Sort of how police already admit to giving the three-times over to a drivers who happen to be: young, and in red sports cars. But that is just statistical.
This score card? It is asking for it…it ain’t funny!

Or the officer could conclude like 99% of the rest of the population that it is a joke and funny. Police after all are a part of the general population and a lot of them actually do have a sense of humor.


You know that motorcycles, especially race bike styled sport bikes are the ultimate “red sports cars”. I have owned a Kawasaki Ninja 300 since 2013 and have ridden it about 35,000 miles and have not been pulled over even once.
Maybe it’s because I’m not young or black. If so, how can they tell? I always wear gloves, a long sleeve riding jacket, long pants, and riding boots along with a full face helmet.
What then betrays the fact that I am a older white person? Could it be that I leave the stock muffler alone, obey traffic laws, and DRIVE LIKE A GROWNUP?

Driving like a grownup, try it sometime if you think the cops are singling you out for harassment. You might be amazed. Note: this last paragraph is not directed at paulsheridan but is general advice to people who think the cops are picking on them because of their age, sex, or race.


I’d like to see the source of your statistics, because the evidence I found seems to indicate drivers of red cars are not more likely to be cited for speeding or other moving violations than drivers of other color cars: Snopes: Do Red Cars Get More Speeding Tickets?

Not that anecdote serves as evidence, but I’ve been driving a red car for 18 years and about 289,000 miles, and I average about one speeding ticket per decade. If your average is higher, you might want to look at other factors.

I had a silver sports car (Hionda S2000) that was pretty much invisible to police cars. They paid me no notice at all even though the car was a bit loud since I’d changed the exhaust.

My '84 red Corvette, however was a different story. It had a built-in radar detector that lit up like a Christmas tree whenever it was near a state trooper even going 5 UNDER the speed limit. I couldn’t have gotten more attention from the police if I had a naked lady riding on the hood carrying a box of donuts!