Keeping mice out of the 2017 Ford Fusion

A mouse got into the engine and made a nest. This happened twice within a year, total for both was about $1000 worth of damage. There is an electronic mouse deterrent plugged into the garage. The car is driven daily. Moth balls were used in the glove compartment but more recently switched to Irish Spring soap. How do we keep the mice out?

That is a tough one. Get a cat? But then the cat sleeps on the warm engine and bad things happen when you start it up. You’ve done the things I’d normally suggest except placing a number of mouse-traps in your garage.

Get some peppermint oil and mix about a tablespoon in water - use a spray bottle - spray all over the engine compartment

We’ve used this for years in an unheated pole barn where classic cars, hot rods, motorcycles, boats, etc… are stored over the winter.

We’ve never seen a rodent or evidence of a rodent in all this time.


  1. set good mouse traps with good firm cheeze like gouda; keep setting them till you stop getting mice;
  2. find where the mice are getting into the garage and plug their entrance.
  3. If that doesn’t work get a Kitty at the nearest cat rescue place and keep him in the garage; oh pick one that likes you too.

Peanut butter is a far better mouse bait than cheese, especially if a bit of dry oatmeal is mixed into the peanut butter in order to form a paste.


Those ultrasonic rodent repellers don’t work as advertised. Invest in some traps. Good luck.

We use peanut butter at work for mice, and we have trapped them. Then again, sometimes we come into the office and the bait is gone, trap still set.

Point taken I can eat my Gouda and use the peanut butter for the Meese :wink:

Yes, but can you pronounce “Gouda” correctly?
Hint: It doesn’t start with a hard “G” sound.

I personally wouldn’t spend the money on Gouda to feed a mouse :wink: if I’m paying that much for :cheese: then I’m eating it myself :smiley: