Keeping mice out of 2014 Ford Focus

A mouse got into the area where the windshield wipers rest and did $360 worth of damage. The car is parked outside, how do you prevent mice from getting into that area?

You can’t prevent mice from getting in.

Place traps, get a cat, the usual stuff people do to kill mice before they do damage.

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Pretty much what @Mustangman said. Especially if you live in the country, rodents are going to find their way into your car eventually. Parking it in a garage helps, but isn’t foolproof - all it takes is for a hole to form in the bottom weather strip of the garage door and mice will come in looking for warmth, and then find your car. Best bet is to not let the car sit too long - the longer something stays in one place, the safer it looks to animals. New is dangerous to prey species, so if the car moves around, they might avoid it.

I used to live on a couple of wooded acres. The local rodents used to climb onto my engines and eat the fiberglass sound mat on the underside of my hood. THAT had to bind the little pests’ intestines up like cement. Good!

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Look in stores for a product like this.

We use this in a pole barn where classics/hot rods are parked over the winter.

Have yet to see any signs of mice.