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Keep honey going

my wife’s car has to be primed after she fuels. what makes it do that

Maybe the fuel system is losing pressure. Do you smell gasoline?

Can you define “primed” for us, please?

Also, please reveal the model year, odometer mileage, and maintenance history of the car.

2004 95000miles she takes it in regular

By “primed” do you mean it will not start unless you put the gas pedal to the floor first? Does it have trouble starting?

that it just when she fuel

I believe you have a problem with your evaporative purge solenoid and vent valve. Do you keep pumping gas after the nozzle shuts off? You may be getting raw gas in your evaporative emissions charcoal canister. Do you have an emissions or check engine light on?

Define what you mean by primed after fueling. Primed is usually interpreted as adding a flammable liquid or gas to the intake tract to get an engine started and I doubt that is the case here.

Well, ok, good luck in getting an answer to that question!
When I asked that question and a question about the car’s maintenance history, all I got was some sketchy info on both the car and his wife.

It’s kind of hard to help when we have no clear idea of what the OP is telling us.