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Trouble starting after adding gas

I was having problems starting my 2010 Kia Soul after adding gas. Didn’t matter if I was filling it or just adding $10. No one knew what the problem was. I called a guy who used to fix my cars years ago and he immediately told me to go get a Canister Purge Valve. It cost me about $50 at Advanced. He put it in in under 10 minutes and my car starts every time now. Just wanted to share info.

Good info, thanks for posting. When you fill the gas tank the displaced air is supposed to get forced out through the charcoal canister and into the atmosphere, being cleaned inside the canister of any gasoline fumes. That’s done for federal pollution rules. The purge valve has function properly for that all to work. If it doesn’t work correctly, gasoline may get forced somewhere into the fuel system that makes it hard to start the engine.

Thanks for sharing this info. We usually hear the trouble but rarely hear the solution.

The purge valve is what allows the gasoline vapors to be drawn into the engine so they can be burned. If the purge valve allows gasoline vapors into the engine while refueling, the engine can be hard to start because it’s basically flooded

The vent valve is what allows the gas tank to vent to atmosphere while refueling.