1995 Plymouth Voyager - Won't start after running out of gas

I have a 95plymouth Voyager with the 3.3 I ran out of gas put a gallon in and it still won’t start. I’ve goggled this and that and nothing seems to work as far as quick fix. Like key on off etc. What else can I do before buying new parts I don’t know I need. I’m fairly mechanically inclined so don’t dumb it up. Huge fan u guys are.hilarious.

Add more fuel, it can take more than one gallon to prime the pump. If that doesn’t work, the fuel pump may have been been damaged and will need to be replaced.


Yeah I’m thinking I clogged it with gunk from the bottom of the tank thank you

When you run a vehicle out of gas with a fuel pump in the gas tank, there’s nothing to lubricate and keep the fuel pump cool.

So the fuel pump burns up.

Potential Damage

While the thought of having to walk five miles to the nearest station is bad enough, running out of gas can do more than simply wear out your shoes. It can also cause damage to your vehicle. When a car or truck runs out of gas, the fuel pump can go out as it relies on fuel for both cooling and lubrication. This might not happen the first time, but if running out of gas becomes a habit, it is likely to happen.


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I am thinking that what is happening is that there just is not enough fuel in the fuel system after running dry

Nope flooded it started after sitting a day

Once a pump is damaged it may be hit and miss. Maybe the reason it started the next day is not because it was flooded but because of a hit and miss fuel pump.

As mentioned, one gallon is not enough fuel and running it out of gas will damage a pump PDQ. Good luck.

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Flooded basically took a day but started right up

How does a vehicle with an empty fuel tank become flooded?

That little bit of fuel that you added finally soaked into the fuel pump and primed it, that is why it started the next day…

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A gallon of gas in a 15 or 20 gallon tank is hardly enough to wet the bottom. At least put in 5 gallons and try again. Repeatedly activating the pump with the key on key off maneuver won’t be doing the pump any good either as discussed above. When you get more gas in it, see if you hear the pump running or not when you do the key on thing. If not pump time.