98 honda accord

my friend has a 98 honda accord after it sits fer a couple days it dont start battery is ok and alternator the honda dealer coud not find nothing wrong with it??

Something is staying on and draining the battery. Some easy things to check are dome lights, courtesy lights, trunk light, glove box light, etc. These are likely to cause the rate of drain your friend is experiencing.

it dont start

That is not a very precise description.

You sit down buckle the seat belt put the key in and turn it to start … Now tell us exactly what happens. (Key turns or not, makes some kind of noise or not, describe any noise etc. Does it do it more with an empty tank or if the car is facing up hill?

The only thing you really gave us was " [b] after it sits fer a couple days.  [/b] From that I would suggest a battery/charging issue.  How old is the battery? You might want to have it tested along with the charging system at a local auto parts store.  Many of them will do this for free.

 It may also have a dark drain.  All modern cars use some energy when they are turned off, but sometimes something goes wrong and it uses too much.  Checking the drain with the engine off (and after waiting maybe 10 -30 minutes) might point to that problem.  Note: it takes a few minutes for some of the electronics to shut down after turning the engine off, thus the wait time.

First off…What do you mean it won’t start???

Will the engine turn over??? Are you getting just a click when you turn the key???

If the engine turns over it’s NOT the battery. What are the symptons???

sorry should be more specific…the car just clicks thats all after it gets started its ok fer a day or 2 then it clicks again if you leave it alone fer 2 days
we took it to honda the batttry checked out fine also the alternator

Glove box lights are bad about sticking on in this model, there are also known problems with the master control box for the power door locks and the fan wiring where it runs down along the drivers side of the radiator. There is a recall on the last one.

One more thing, is any electrical item not working, light, power something motor etc. That could also be the source

If the battery is holding a charge and the alternator is fine…then SOMETHING is draining the battery…Some light is left on, radio, clock…SOMETHING.