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Jumped curb and now my car won’t start

Accidentally went over a curb with two tires a few days ago, car seemed fine. Started fine later , and then last night would not start . Any help??

given amount of information you provided, the best guess is “find a local mechanic to assess it for you”

is your car showing any lights on he dashboard as you try starting it up?
any cranking ?

Sure, I suggest you leave your phone alone when you drive.

Beyond that, by “won’t start” what do you mean? The starter won’t turn the engine (the Rr-rr noise)? Or the engine cranks but won’t start?

Jumped curb? Oil pan? Any oil left?

Ok thanks , yes turning and clicking, lights in car and dash all start flashing like crazy

I wasn’t on my phone. I didn’t take the turn wide enough , was making a u-turn at a light turning left. I was stopped at the red light and when I went to turn was too close to like the median

I took a turn not wide enough. There doesn’t seem to be anything leaked out in my drive way. I did drive the car the next day with no issue. The car tries to start , clicking and it’s turning and all the lights and stuff flashes like crazy

could be coincident hitting the curb and the issue you are describing. I would make sure the battery cables are properly connected and nice and tight in case the bump knocked the cables loose.

You likely knocked the battery cables loose. Check that. The battery cable clamps should not move if you try and wiggle them. Touch then ONLY one at a time, please! We don’t want you to get shocked.

Thanks I’ll do that now .

I suspect the cable that goes to the starter is knocked loose at the starter end. A good independent mechanic should be able to fix it. With luck the starter isn’t damaged.

Check the battery voltage.

Hitting a curb hard enough can cause the plates in the battery to shake loose and touch causing a short in the battery.


I suspect that the battery died of old age, people drive over curbs every day.

I don’t!



Me neither.

Most people don’t but looking out the window of my car I see people driving over curbs.

I don’t. At least not every day.